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Character Name: Jesse Pinkman
Series: Breaking Bad
Age: 27
From When?: Post-canon -- the Admiral is pulling Jesse right off the side of the road after he drives out of Albuquerque like a bat out of Hell.

Inmate/Warden: Warden. By the end of canon, Jesse has been through hell, and while he didn't exactly get a redemptive arc, he's done with the behaviors that originally landed him on the Barge as an inmate. He has every desire to shed his old life, and while he might struggle at first to help someone else in his current state, he's very motivated to both stay on board and strive for his deal(s). As he recovers from his ordeals, he'll become better equipped to help an inmate along. He still has the characteristics that made the first Jesse a passable warden: compassion, empathy, loyalty.
Item: Jesse has basically nothing on him when the Admiral pulls him, so let's say he gets back the Hello Kitty smartphone Saul gave him.

Abilities/Powers: None. That explains a lot.

Personality: [Please write at least 5 solid paragraphs. The more depth and detail, the better! Keep in mind that other players will use this section to determine if your character is a good match for potential Warden/Inmate pairings, and this may be their first exposure to your character.

Barge Reactions: You need to include how they are going to react to the Barge, possibly addressing the other character types, genres, and fandoms they'll be encountering or how they may react to floods or breaches. If the character has stayed on the Barge before, will they remember that and what effect did it have on them?

Please write this in complete sentences, and in paragraphs as you would in any normal area of the application.]

Deal: He has about eight million deals he plans to ask for eventually, but the first one is the resurrection of Andrea Cantillo.

History: Jesse Bruce Pinkman was born on September 14th, 1984, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to a nice upper-middle-class family that he almost immediately began disappointing. Although he had a lot of interests growing up -- art, music, sports -- he was a poor and increasingly apathetic student. No one really knew what to do with him, and he didn't know what to do with himself, and from a pretty young age he started down a bad road. He slacked off in school, took up smoking and drinking, and was generally just a rebellious little shit. He somehow managed to graduate by the skin of his teeth, and even got in one semester of college (data systems management at DeVry) before pretty much just dropping out of life. He turned to drug use, and after multiple attempts to get him past it, his parents kicked him out of the house. He moved in with his Aunt Ginny, who had lung cancer, and wound up caring for her until her death.

Needing to make money without any actual skills or interest in legal work, Jesse turned to cooking and dealing (and smoking) meth with his childhood friend Emilio. One day, they were raided by the DEA, and Jesse barely escaped -- only to be spotted by his old high school science teacher, Walter White. It turned out that Mr. White wanted to get into the meth business with Jesse. With his chemistry knowledge, he claimed, he could make meth that was purer than anything else on the market. Things almost immediately went south when Jesse tried to sell to Emilio's cousin, Krazy 8. Krazy 8 and the newly-bailed Emilio tried to steal the meth for themselves in a flurry of violence that ended with Mr. White killing both men (and Jesse learning all about hydrofluoric acid).

Mr. White and Jesse continued to work together, creating a signature drug that swept the market. Although they made plenty of money over the course of the next several months, things went from bad to worse: Jesse was beaten twice and kidnapped by an insane drug lord, kicked out of Ginny's house, traumatized by seeing a man murdered in front of him, and lost a crew member in a shooting. Worse, he began a relationship with a recovering addict that quickly spiraled into her relapsing, getting him hooked on heroin, and blackmailing Mr. White when he tried to withhold Jesse's share of the money. When Jane's father discovered the relationship and her relapse, he demanded Jane go to rehab, but she bargained one more night out of him first -- a night in which she overdosed and died while Jesse slept next to her. Devastated, Jesse vanished, and was eventually found drugged to the gills in a crackhouse by Mr. White, who immediately took him to rehab.

While he was there, Jane's grieving father caused an accident that killed 167 people, which Jesse of course blamed himself for. After getting out, Jesse claimed to have found self-acceptance in being "the bad guy." He bought Ginny's house from his parents and decided to start selling again. Jesse's attempts at a solo venture led to his gaining the attention of Hank Schrader, Mr. White's brother-in-law in the DEA. Mr. White saved Jesse from Hank, but in the aftermath, Hank put Jesse in the hospital. Jesse promised that if he went to jail for the meth, not only would Hank lose his job, but he would tell the DEA all about Walter White. Mr. White's response was to offer him a job, working for the mysterious billionaire Gustavo Fring in his superlab.

Jesse hated being under Fring's thumb and started skimming to sell to addicts in his rehab group. He eventually abandoned this idea and started a relationship with a woman in the group, Andrea Cantillo, also bonding with her six-year-old son Brock. He then discovered that her eleven-year-old brother, Tomas, was the gang member that had killed his friend -- and that the gang was selling for Gus Fring. Furious, Jesse tried to have the dealers killed, then demanded that Gus order them to stop using children. Gus conceded, but the dealers killed Tomas to get rid of him. When Jesse went to kill them in revenge, Mr. White beat him to it and told him to run.

Mr. White, being the genius lead chemist, couldn't be disposed of the way Jesse could, and so he protected him while Gus plotted a way to get his own chemist, Gale, to take over for Mr. White so that he and Jesse could both be killed. Predicting this, Mr. White planned Gale's murder, intending to carry it out himself, as Jesse had never killed anyone -- and certainly not a mostly-innocent man. In fact, Jesse begged him to go to the cops instead of doing it at all. Instead, Gus and his men caught Mr. White, and the only way for them to save themselves was for Jesse to go and kill Gale himself. In response, Gus conceded that he could no longer kill either Walt or Jesse for the time being, but murdered a fellow worker who had been sloppy right in front of their eyes.

Deeply traumatized, Jesse spiraled out. Seeking noise and chaos to numb the pain, he started getting high constantly and turned his home into a crack den. Since Gus couldn't kill him, he had his henchman Mike clean Jesse up and start training him as a henchman. Mr. White warned Jesse not to fall for it, and plotted with him to murder Gus, but Jesse couldn't go through with it. Jesse was made a valuable employee of Gus' business, and when Gus made an apparent deal with the Juarez drug cartel, Jesse was sent down to Mexico to teach them how to make Blue Sky. What actually happened was a shoot-out in which Jesse killed his second man, a Juarez crew member, and Gus slaughtered the entire cartel leadership. When Jesse returned to Albuquerque, Mr. White accused him of choosing Gus over him.

Soon after, Brock -- the son of Andrea, whom Jesse had started seeing again -- became violently and mysteriously ill. Jesse thought that Mr. White poisoned him, and went to kill him, but Mr. White convinced him that Gus had been behind it. Jesse helped Mr. White murder Gus and protected him from Mike in the aftermath. Brock recovered well afterwards and Jesse returned to taking care of him with Andrea. With Gus gone, Jesse and Mr. White again started producing independently, this time tapping into Gus's massive network of connections with Mike's help. Things were going well enough that they enlisted the help of a secondary crew, in particular an eager young man named Todd. Jesse warned Todd that he could never let anyone find out what they were doing under any circumstances. Todd took this very literally: when he caught a young boy watching them during a heist, he shot him on the spot.

Deciding he could take no more bloodshed, especially of children, Jesse quit the business. Soon after, Mike disappeared, and though Jesse couldn't prove it, he was sure that Mr. White had killed him. He again spiralled out, this time turning into an erratic shut-in, and ultimately getting rid of his blood money by literally throwing it into the streets. This got the attention of the FBI -- and Hank Schrader, who now knew that his brother-in-law was the great "Heisenberg" he had been searching for. Jesse told Mr. White about Hank's discovery, and Mr. White arranged for Jesse to be "extracted," i.e. given a new identity, so that he could escape the DEA. Just as Jesse was about to leave, however, he had an encounter that made him realize that Mr. White had been the one to poison Brock all along.

Jesse joined forces with Hank against Mr. White and came up with a plan to lead Hank and his partner right to Walt's millions. They got Mr. White into a trap and arrested him -- but Mr. White had teamed up with Todd's family, a white supremacist gang, who murdered Hank and his partner on the spot and enslaved Jesse to use him as their own meth cook. Right before he was taken away, Mr. White informed Jesse that he had been there the night Jane died and had done nothing to save her. Todd and his gang used threats to Andrea and Brock to keep Jesse in line, but one night he attempted to escape anyway, and was then forced to watch Andrea's murder at Todd's hands. Fearing for Brock, Jesse stayed good after that, working as their captive for months, until the day Mr. White showed back up. Mr. White had come to kill Jesse, along with the rest of the gang, but decided to spare his former partner at the last second. In the fight that ensued, Jesse strangled Todd to death with his own chains, while Mr. White killed the rest of the gang. Mr. White then gave his gun to Jesse and asked Jesse to kill him, but Jesse told him that if he still wanted to die, he could do it himself. Finally free of him, he walked out of the compound, got into Todd's car, and drove away.

In the words of the script: From here on, it's up to us to say where he's headed. I like to call it "something better," and leave it at that.

Sample Journal Entry: [5-10 sentences (of spoken/written monologue, not including narration) 1st Person POV. This sample should reflect the character's day-to-day behavior and a distinctive voice and must be Barge setting specific. You are permitted to link a thread from the Test Drive Meme, as long as it's recent (within 3 months of application date), Barge-setting specific, and in journal style.]
Sample RP: [3-5 paragraphs, 3rd Person POV. Must be Barge setting specific. You are permitted to link a thread from the Test Drive Meme, as long as it's recent (within 3 months of application date), Barge-setting specific, and in 3rd person/logs style.]

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